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California’s STAR (CAT-6) testing takes place through May.

The Federal education law known as No Child Left Behind is fueled by standardized tests. These expensive tests of questionable merit restrict teacher creativity, discriminate against poor children, rob kids of memorable learning experiences and turn classrooms into test-prep factories. The test companies are unaccountable to the public and our best teachers are being driven from the classroom. Art, music, science, social studies, field trips and even recess are being sacrificed at the alter of test scores.

Federal law demonizes schools in which every child does not pass a norm-referenced standardized test. These tests require half of all students to fall below the norm, in other words, fail the test. This is just one of the Orwellian lies upon which NCLB is built.

Opting out of the upcoming tests sends an important message of support for teachers and signals your parental desire for world-class schools.

California parents have the legal write to exempt their children from participating in this folly. All you need to do is write a note.

Informed parents are the key to educational excellence. The following materials should provide you with the knowledge you need to understand the perils of standardized testing.

The Parental Action Pak

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