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last updated 9/19/01

Linda Polin,
Gary Stager, has been featured in following recent articles...
Education Week • September 19, 2001 - Districts Beginning to Scale Back On Tests to Lighten School Burden
Lycos and WiReDNews • August 27, 2001 - The Over-testing of America?

Data Resources

Survey results from a variety of polling agencies:

Public Agenda, Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup, The Business Roundtable, American Association of School Administrators, Harris Interactive

Legal Cases on High Stakes Testing

Shelley Mack, UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law, Spring 2000

Organizations Online



Rethinking Schools

Mathematically Sane


Alfie Kohn


Rouge Forum


Canadian Teachers Org.

Signatures for Students

Florida Coalition for Assessment Reform.

AZ Standards (Arizona)

North Carolina Citizens for Democratic Schools

TASI (Illinois)     

Student Coalition for Alternatives to the MCAS

MassParents Page

Parents Against TAAS Testing 

Documents Online

Exam Anxiety (a terrific commentary challenging the Bush testing scheme)
Teacher Magazine, August, 2001.

News Interview: Lorrie Shepard. How to Fight a "Death Star"
NEA Today Online, January, 2001.


What Can Student Drawings Tell Us About High-Stakes Testing in Massachusetts?
Anne Wheelock, Damian Bebell, and Walt Haney


How Wisconsin Parents Worked to Roll Back High Stakes Testing
FairTest Examiner, Summer 1999, pp. 10-11


The Harmful Impact of the TAAS System of Testing in Texas: Beneath the Accountability Rhetoric.
Linda McNeil & Angela Valenzuela


"High Stakes Tests: A Harsh Agenda for America's Children"
Remarks Prepared for U.S. Senator Paul D. Wellstone
Teachers College, Columbia University, March 31, 2000


The Scarsdale, NY Revolt


The Marin, CA Revolt


Greely, Colorado teacher refuses to administer standardized tests


High-Stakes Testing: Is it fair to students?
Ted Villaire, staff writer
Our Children, The National PTA Magazine

Recommended Books
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Rethinking Schools, Failing Our Kids: Why the Testing Craze Won't Fix Our Schools. Rethinking Schools: Milwaukee, WI, 2000. ISBN 0-942961-26-9

W. James Popham, Testing! Testing! What Every Parent Should Know About School Tests. Allyn & Bacon: Boston, 2000. ISBN 0-205-30595-4

National Research Council, High Stakes: Testing for Tracking, Promotion, and Graduation. National Academy Press: Washington DC, 1999. ISBN 0-309-06280-2

Deborah Meier (editor), Will Standards Save Public Education? Beacon Press: Boston, 2000.ISBN 0-8070-0441-3

Alfie Kohn, The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools. Heinemann: Portsmouth. 2000. ISBN: 0325003254

Linda McNeil, Contradictions of School Reform : Educational Costs of Standardized Testing (Critical Social Thought). Routledge, 2000.  ISBN: 0415920744

Susan Ohanian, One Size Fits Few : The Folly of Educational Standards.Portsmouth: Heinemann: Portsmouth, 1999. ISBN: 0325001588

How Standardized Testing Damages Education

The Side Effects of Standardized Testing

What Should Parents Know About Standardized Testing in Schools?

Testing, Testing, Testing... From the Merrow Report on PBS

Roger Schank's Provocative Educational Outrage Columns

More to come... Check back often!

Updated 9/19/01

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